Success in the Surprise Entertainment Niche: The Singing Waiters

singing waiters – LondonThe Singing Waiters are a very good example of a successful enterprise in the U.K.’s entertainment industry. The group which hails from London UK has established itself a stellar reputation among British surprise entertainers.

With popular acts such as the classic Singing Waiters routine, flash mob performances and other types of entertainment, The Singing Waiters have managed to set themselves apart from many others in that industry.

One reason for the groups success is the fact that all members are coming from renowned British music schools. This means that The Singing Waiters are the entertainment act of choice for all those in the UK who demand extraordinary quality and excellence.

Whether it is classy and impressive corporate entertainment or private wedding receptions all over the United Kingdom, The Singing Waiters are dominating this growing industry today.

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My Advice: Business Owners Need To Be Flexible

A difficult economy demands that business owners are flexible and can adapt to ever changing circumstances.

If a business doesn’t do that or the owner is not willing to adapt it may at some point even mean the financial ruin of the business. Let me give you an example.

When I started out my business we had a certain line of jewelry which did well for some time. However, it soon turned out that this type of jewelry didn’t draw too many of the younger crowd who instead looked elsewhere. At some point it became clear we needed a new selection and that we need to change our strategy and target market.

For some businesses that can be rather minor changes such as taking up new products, other businesses may possible have to change their entire business model. Most businesses cannot sustain infinitely by focusing on one thing and one specific market. Time doesn’t stand still. You need to spot trends and you need to to provide what the consumer wants. The sooner you realize this, the more successful your business will be. Don’t be afraid of change, it’s a good thing!

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Healthy Employees and Higher Productivity With Better Work Ergonomics

Sometimes it may only require relatively small changes for a tremendous, positive impact at the workplace. This is particular true if we’re talking about ergonomics at work.

ErgonomicsIt is widely known that workplaces and workstations that are not ergonomic are often the main cause for numerous health problems.

In some cases, ailments that come from such insufficient workplaces can even lead to lifelong disablement. Millions of people who work in offices can tell a story about how their work led to back and joint pains, migraine headaches and many more health issues.

On the other hand, preventing those ailments can be as easy as making sure that a workplace follows latest ergonomic standards.

In some cases this can be as easy as replacing an office chair with a modern ergonomic chair or making sure that their work desk is ergonomic. Those are very small investment for any business can have a big positive impact nevertheless.

If better ergonomics for your employees is a priority for you as a business owner (which it definitely should), you may not only want to consider ergonomic office furniture but should look into workstation assessments as well. Simply spoken, a professional workstation assessment will uncover any weakness in regards to a workstation or workplace that could pose hazardous for your employees. A workstation assessment doesn’t only take into account things such as office chairs and desks but will also evaluate environmental factors that can range from lighting to other conditions. At the end of such assessment you will be presented with a list of where and how you can improve your employee’s work place.

Modern workstation assessments, depending on the size of your company, can be performed on site but there are also types of work place assessments that can be conducted online. Those assessments are ideal for companies with many employees where on-site workstation assessments would be less practicable.

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Magnetic Jewellery: A Profitable Market

As a small business owner in the jewellery sector I am rather familiar with the current trends. I certainly have my share of experiences in this industry, fortunately most of them are positive ones.

What I noticed during the last several years was a significant trend in what I would call “functional” jewellery and this can indeed be a very fascinating and profitable market.

Traditional jewelers may shy back from the market of magnetic jewellery. They might choose not to sell “cheap” magnetic bracelets and other currently very popular items but rather hope to find buyers who purchase traditional high-priced jewellery.

magnetic-jewellery-charmIn my opinion, this way of thinking is a mistake.

I was hesitant at first but ultimately made the decision to take magnetic jewellery and ionic power bands with into my assortment.

This decision was probably one of the best I made in regards to my own jewellery business.

The market for magnetic or ionic jewellery is currently taking off like a rocket. This is a sector that appeals to a large crowd of people of all ages. It made it possible for me to open up markets that I didn’t cover before.

There is magnetic jewellery and power bands for teenagers, golfers and even pets. If customers want a magnetic bracelet for their dog, why not give it to them? Why would I choose to target only those who can afford a 1ct diamond band and ignore this very hungry market?

I can highly recommend that you look into magnetic bracelets since the popularity of magnetic therapy definitely gave this market a great boost in recent times. You can still sell your high priced diamonds but take my word that your power bands and magnetic bracelets will also make you some good profit.

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Switching your business To electronic invoicing

e-invoice-benefitsMost people I asked about electronic invoicing are not aware of that the switch to electronic invoicing is very easy. If you want to go the electronic invoicing route it is in fact so straightforward and easy to do that I recommend this step to anyone.

Electronic invoicing or short e-invoice, aside of the obvious benefits such as cost savings has the advantage that it is back compatible with your previous invoicing process.

The typical business will normally create invoices as PDF format. Like anyone else you will likely print out the invoice and made it to your recipient.

Now for electronic invoicing you can continue as usual with the only exception that you don’t need to mail your paper invoice any longer. You will send it by email to an electronic invoice service provider. (Of course you still have the option to give your client a paper copy of the invoice if you choose so although that’s not really needed). The e-invoice provider will convert your PDF invoice into a digital format and will do all the rest of the invoice processing for you as well.

As a business that wants to take advantage of e-invoicing you won’t have to invest in any new technology or equipment. Anyone today will have a computer and email means that all the advantages of invoices will be available to you. What’s more, a number of electronic invoice companies are actually offering their service for free.

Since electronic invoices can provide you many benefits you should definitely consider a switch. The sooner you make this decision the better!

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Talent Management

You may have a small company with less than 20 employees but the basic principle when it comes to recruiting is the same as if you were the owner of a large company.

At some point you will recruit and hire staff – and here it’s where you may already make mistakes that could end up to cost you a lot of money in the long run.

talent-management-5Increasingly more companies in the UK, even very small ones, are now taking a closer look at improving their hiring process and then keeping their employees motivated by using a smart talent management strategy.

In a nutshell, talent management has to do with everything that involves your employees, from the hiring to their retirement.

It starts with finding only the best people that are suited for your business (this alone can save a lot of money since it can reduce turnover a big deal) and goes further to optimize your staff placement within your business and also can improve how you manage your staff’s absences.

There is a reason why we use the term “human capital”. Because that’s exactly what your employees are: your most valuable asset and investment.

With a solid talent management strategy you can make sure to get excellent staff that is committed to your business and it can help with many other aspects that will involve your employees, their performance and motivation. Even if you have a small company in Great Britain I can highly recommend that you look into talent management because it can have so many benefits that will greatly pay off in the long run.

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UK Unemployment Lowest Since 2008 Crisis

According to new numbers released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), joblessness in the United Kingdom was 468,000 lower in the three months to July as compared to the same time period in the previous year. This is the biggest annual decline in unemployment numbers since the Lawson boom was raging in 1988.

The British Chancellor George Osborne said in a public statement that this drop in unemployment marks”another step on the road to full employment”.  Yet, Labour and the Trades Union Congress (TUC) pointed out that earnings were failing to keep up with rising prices in the nation.

Stephen Timms, the U.K.’s Shadow employment minister: “Pay excluding bonuses today is the lowest on record. Under this government wages after inflation have already fallen by over £1,600 a year since 2010 and by next year working people will have seen the biggest fall in wages of any parliament since 1874.”

While those newly released numbers give reason for optimism, one economist at Fidelity Worldwide Investment said he fears it would require some time for earnings to start rising faster than prices.

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Best Practices When You’re Absent From The Business

Being absent from your business for whatever period of time can certainly bring on worries. How do you know that your business will be running properly while you are away? How can you make sure that everything is in order even if you are absent?

Over at The Morning Advertiser I found a helpful article with 7 tips for best practices when you are absent from the business. The list is certainly not exhaustive but it covers all the essentials you should know about before you go. If you follow the tips covered you can make sure that everything is going smoothly while you’re away.


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What you can Do for more Fire Safety for your Businesses

For various businesses in the United Kingdom, fire safety is always a big concern. Naturally, certain types of businesses are at a higher risk of fires than others. Think about venues such as warehouses, restaurants, bars, clubs or hotels.

fire-preventionRegardless of the type of business, as a business owner you want to ensure the safety of employees and customers.

But proper fire prevention measures implemented in a commercial building can not only save lives or bodily harm.

In many cases, modern fire prevention systems can help prevent disasters from happening altogether or they can at least help that financial damage in case of a fire is kept minimal.

It wouldn’t be the first time that a modern fire prevention system saved a company losing millions of British pounds in equipment due to a fire.

Depending on the type of business there are various fire prevention and suppression systems available today. While the traditional water sprinkler system is only rarely seen these days, most modern businesses use elaborate fire prevention systems that work with extinguishing agents that will not cause any damage to equipment as can be the case by using a sprinkler system. One example of such a modern fire suppression system is the Ansul fire suppression system that is frequently used in commercial kitchens.

Certain goods such as chemicals or batteries can always increase the risk for fires. This is the reason why modern fire prevention systems which will not cause any major damage to merchandise or technical equipment can also be found in places such as warehouses or factories.

Putting in a modern fire prevention system today is much easier than it was in the past. The reason is that fire prevention systems such as a wireless fire alarm can easily be added to any structure without the need for major installation procedure. This makes those systems not only effective for the prevention of fires but mixing also affordable for businesses of all size.

If you are a business owner in the UK you can get in contact with if you want to know more about modern fire prevention systems. They can advise you on what fire prevention  would be best for your company and can also provide solutions for the prevention of kitchen fires or how you can reduce the dangers of a lithium battery fire in your warehouse or manufacturing plant.

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Companies in UK Confident About Economic Outlook

According to the Guardian, the growth in UK manufacturing is now back at moderate levels, but companies in the nation remain confident about the economic outlook.

The UK manufacturers group EEF conducted a study where they survived 300 businesses. The result of the study nevertheless suggests a positive picture with numerous companies in the UK ready to invest and to hire more skilled employees. This is already the 17th consecutive quarter in which companies in Great Britain show positive investment intentions.

On the other hand, the EEF is warning about exports. Issues here are the “flagging” eurozone economy along with a stronger sterling exchange rate. Lee Hopley, chief economist of the group in a public statement  “Manufacturers are still on course for a strong year of output growth in 2014, but our survey points to a moderation in the pace of expansion from the take-off seen in activity over the past year. We’re also seeing manufacturers continue to recruit for skilled jobs and increase their plans to invest in the coming year – exactly what the UK economy still needs for balanced growth.”



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